[V8] G40 Timing hall sensor error 2113 - slipped belt?

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 11:05:04 EDT 2006

Jeremy, there is a code that will be registered when codes are pulled
without the engine running.  Not sure if this fits your scenario or not.


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> When I did the timing belt on our V8 #2 last fall, I couldn't 
> get TDC on #1 piston with the proper "mark" on the crank 
> pulley lined up, and I couldn't get the camshaft holder 
> plates installed either.  To get the plates installed, I had 
> to take off the cam covers and turn the engine until the
> marks on the cam gears themselves lined up properly.   After 
> I  removed the
> belt, I could turn the engine to TDC and get the mark on the 
> crank pulley aligned with the pointer.  So this car ran 60K 
> miles from the previous belt job (according to the records I 
> got with the car) with the timing off a fair amount.  Engine 
> seemed a lot more peppy when I drove the car after getting 
> the TB job done.  Then I blew off the lower radiator hose, 
> and now the waterpump makes a lot of rattling noises after 
> the engine warms up fully.  New pump on order.
> At 07:30 AM 10/8/2006 -0700, Jeremy Ward wrote:
> >Not my V8 fortunately.  :-)  Have any of you had error 2113 for G40 
> >hall sensor?  A 'friend of ours' has swapped this sensor 
> form another 
> >V8, verified wiring to the ECU *and* swapped ECUs - still no dice.
> >
> > 
> >
> >Could his timing belt have slipped a gear or two?  What is 
> the symptom 
> >when this happens?  I know it is bent valves when several 
> slip, but I 
> >think it has been said that you can drive the car (not very 
> well) when 
> >it is off by one tooth.
> >
> > 
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