[V8] Needle Bearings in P/S Timing Belt Cover

Ben Howell bhowell at rmi.net
Thu Oct 12 00:15:29 EDT 2006

So, I am in the process of do a major overhaul of the serp belt "System" and as usual, I THOUGHT I had everything in-hand to get the project done when I started. Tis' not the case......

I have the passenger side timing belt cover off (amongst other things) so I can replace the big spring that provides the tensioning force on the serp belt. Well, once you have that whole mechanism apart, there are two needle bearing that are pressed into the timing belt cover. These bearings are around the shaft that passes through the timing belt cover and attach to the lever on the OUTSIDE of the cover. The serp belt roller then bolts to that lever and does the tensioning duties on the belt. 

Now, has anyone ever replaced those needle bearings? Mine are so BEYOND dry that they are almost impossible to turn. ETKA turns up NOTHING on those bearings. They aren't depicted with the timing belt cover or with the serp belt parts. I can only assume that Audi would like you to buy the entire P/S timing belt cover to get them. I am sure they could be pressed out, dimensions taken and my local bearing shop could help. However, with my luck (or knowing Audi), the chances of them being some odd size that no one has ever seen or heard of, is pretty great.

I am doing EVERY stinkin' part that could possibly be associated with the serpentine belt from the plastic sleeve inside the tensioning spring to the fan clutch! It would be a shame to leave these simple little needle bearings out of the equation at this point. So, if anyone can point me in the right direction or provide a part number (Audi or otherwise) that would be much appreciated.

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