[V8] Climate Control blower out of control

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Thu Oct 12 10:59:51 EDT 2006

Time to think like a computer...

If you already tried a new control head, your choices are that somehow an input
to the head is bad - causing the fan to run on high
the power stage has shorted out. This is the most likely choice based on your
description. The power stage is mounted in the air duct under the hood,
passenger side and near the A/C evaporator. I am pretty sure it is the same part
from other type 44 cars too - so a new or junk yard replacement should be easy
to find. (it is a Delco part too)

If you have the wiring diagrams, you can probably see with a volt meter that the
fan is on when the inputs to the power stage say it should be off.


Quoting Gene <gene.ghc at verizon.net>:

> I was just cruising down the road, when the CC blower started running at
> max speed.  No buttons had been pushed to initiate this.  Other climate
> control functions, like temperature and which ducts, seem to work OK.
> But I am unable to control the blower other than by pulling the fuse.
> I tried swapping in a known good CC control head, with no change in
> behavior.
> I'm wondering if there is a stuck relay somewhere?  I looked at two
> relay/fuse panels in the passenger footwell, but did not see any relay
> related to the blower motor.  I don't know if there are any other relay
> clusters and I can't find my manual right now.
> Gene Caldwell
> 90 V8
> 91 200q20v
> 94 90S
> 01 540i
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