[V8] Driver Door Release

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 16:12:49 EDT 2006

Common?  Yes.
Straight forward?  Mostly.

There's a cable that you need is:
443 837 081C bowden cable, left  (082C for the right side).

Remove armrest.
Remove inside door release lever module.
Remove door panel.
Remove inner plastic liner.

The old one probably broke neartest the inside door release lever.
There's a similar hook on both ends.
The other end is the challenging one, but it's not impossible.
I did it the first time with the inner door frame removed to replace
the lock lever arm so I could see a lot better what I was doing.
Removing the inner door frame is really no big deal either if you want
to go this route.  Just remember how many washers were under which of
the lower bolts.

There are two mistakes I have made doing this job more than once.
There is a little odd-shaped piece of foam that I seem to always have
left over and wonder where the heck it goes.  It goes in the inside
release leverl module somewhere.

The other mistake is to attach the spring clip to the inside release
module in the wrong place which causes the lock to click when
lock/unlock the door.

Pay attention to what bit goes where on that inside release module and
you should be able to avoid these pitfalls.  I sure should have been
able to after doing this job 3 times.


On 10/17/06, S_Matus <scott_matus at yahoo.com> wrote:
> The most annoying thing happened to the driver's door on my '91.
> I pulled the inside door release handle just a alwaysd to exit the car, and nothing happened.  I had to roll down the window to use the outside handle to open the door.
> I can live with a lot of inconvenience, but this one is intollerable.
> Is this a common failure after 141K miles?  Is the repair straight forward, and what replacement parts might I need to order?
> Thanks guys,
> Scott
> '91 V8QM
> '02 allroad 2.7TQM
> '03 RS6 (many mods)
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