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S_Matus scott_matus at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 13:21:11 EDT 2006

I know this has been discussed many times before but I'm curious about another manufacturer.  I see a company called "Intrax" has fitment for many Audis.  The prices are in the same range - approx $300/set.

It appears to me there are a few possible points to consider moving to non-stock springs.  
-  Ride Quality
-  Ride Height
-  Improved handling
-  Tire Clearance
-  Shock Settings

My intent on replacing my springs is to have the best handling that I can get out of my '91 V8.  Ride quality is not a real big concern for me, but certanly a factor in a spring decision.  I have a set of Konis from when the Group Buy was happening.  Is there enough adjustment in the suspension to accomodate a 1.5" ride height drop.  Will I have other alignment issues with this amount of drop?  I'm currently using 255/40-17s, but I could pull my 19" MTM's from the RS6 with 265/35-19s (for some extreme test days).

I know many have used Eiback or H&R springs that have a cross-fitment to the S6.  These seem to be the usual performance springs many fellow listers are using. Is ther a loss in performance beciase these springs fit the lighter S6. Or does the S6 have a harsher ride becuse it accomodates the V8s massive weight?  What experience has anyone with this new Intrax sport spring for the S6/V8Q?  Intrax has many of the same characteristics as the Eiback or H&R springs.  Lowering will limit my tire choices, has anyone used bugger than 255s with a lower ride height?, so any insite on tire sizes is appreciated.

Any opinions?


'90 V8Q
'91 V8Q
'02 allroad
'03 RS6

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