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IMO, Intrax SUCK.  My brother-in-law, brother and I did all our Coupe
quattros at the same time with the same suspension changes BUT, with
different brands of springs.  We all put delrin bushings in all subframe and
control arm positions, chanced all our "hard" suspension parts like tie
rods, and all used Bilstein Sport shocks.  BY FAR, Intrax were the worst.
After about a year, my brother-in-law had literally 1" of travel left on the
springs.  They were almost entirely compressed.  My Eibach springs are
performing wonderfully.  My brothers H&R springs as well.  After about 1.5
years, my brother-in-laws coupe was SO BAD, he was forced to do the
suspension again.  He put on H&R springs and new shocks as two of the
bilsteins were literally ruptured and has had no problems ever since.  Now,
granted, this is a coupe.  But, I can't imagine it would be much different
with a V8.  On my 5 speed, I put H&R and Sports.  I did delrin subframe
bushings too.  I LOVE IT.  It is not harsh.  It is VERY controlled.  I have
255/40/18 tires on it (18X8.5 wheels).  STICKS LIKE GLUE too.  I do know on
the coupe, my eibachs are progressive in all positions.  The H&Rs on my
brothers coupe are only progressives in the rear.  However, on my
bro-in-laws, they are not progressive at all.  I wonder if my bro got really
old stock or something.  I can check what my V8 is.  I do not remember.  I


PARTING:  1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5
PARTING:  1986 Audi 4000 CS quattro

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> Subject: [V8] V8 Springs
> I know this has been discussed many times before but I'm curious about another
> manufacturer.  I see a company called "Intrax" has fitment for many Audis.
> The prices are in the same range - approx $300/set.
> It appears to me there are a few possible points to consider moving to
> non-stock springs.
> -  Ride Quality
> -  Ride Height
> -  Improved handling
> -  Tire Clearance
> -  Shock Settings
> My intent on replacing my springs is to have the best handling that I can get
> out of my '91 V8.  Ride quality is not a real big concern for me, but certanly
> a factor in a spring decision.  I have a set of Konis from when the Group Buy
> was happening.  Is there enough adjustment in the suspension to accomodate a
> 1.5" ride height drop.  Will I have other alignment issues with this amount of
> drop?  I'm currently using 255/40-17s, but I could pull my 19" MTM's from the
> RS6 with 265/35-19s (for some extreme test days).
> I know many have used Eiback or H&R springs that have a cross-fitment to the
> S6.  These seem to be the usual performance springs many fellow listers are
> using. Is ther a loss in performance beciase these springs fit the lighter S6.
> Or does the S6 have a harsher ride becuse it accomodates the V8s massive
> weight?  What experience has anyone with this new Intrax sport spring for the
> S6/V8Q?  Intrax has many of the same characteristics as the Eiback or H&R
> springs.  Lowering will limit my tire choices, has anyone used bugger than
> 255s with a lower ride height?, so any insite on tire sizes is appreciated.
> Any opinions?

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