[V8] catalytic converter removal?

Dave Lancaster davel at netsteward.co.uk
Sat Sep 2 04:17:05 EDT 2006


I had the cats removed from my 1990 UK car about 18 months ago because they
were rattling and the age of the car did not demand cats here in the UK. I
had my friendly MOT tester do the job and a before and after emissions
checks indicated that there was not that much difference. It was still well
inside UK limits.

The exhaust note inside the cabin does change though as the cat boxes are
right under your feet. I reckon you now hear the note that only those
standing behind the vehicle hear.

As for fuel consumption, I think it increased (not good) possibly because I
was heavier with the right foot to get the sound. With fuel at one pound
sterling a litre here in the UK, I would suggest a lighter touch. If any of
you in the US could post me some of your cheap gasoline that would be great

Make sure the temperature sensor is left connected if you remove them,

Dave Lancaster

1990 V8Q 237,000 miles and still cherished.

2000 A8L 4.2 - awesome


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