[V8] Probably a Type 44 issue....

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at adelphia.net
Sun Sep 3 15:34:07 EDT 2006

...but recently, my car has started to forecast the weather for the winter.

Now I know that The Black Mariah is an older, curmudgeonly car, but to
behave like she just stepped from the pages of The Old Farmers Almanac is
too much.

What she does is to show that it is 35 below zero on the outside temperature
gauge and remain there until, oh, maybe half an hour of driving, maybe more,
maybe less.  The it "warms up" to what appears to be a more normal outside
temp, and the a/c starts to put out.  Up to that time, the a/c isn't doing
anything, although the fans are blowing slightly.

Now, last month, I did leave the sunroof open during a howling rain
storm...don't let me start...but everything seemed to dry out fine, and I
don't detect any other ill effects.  But it was after that that the a/c
sensor started doing kooky things.  I wonder if the a/c temp sensor in the
roof might have become wet, and then corroded?  Could it be something like



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