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Wed Sep 6 18:04:50 EDT 2006

I guess the thing to watch is the water pump weep hole. If something bad
happened to the pump, the seal should fail. You might want to pull the right
timing cover to get a good look at it. If you really suspect the pump, I think
you can remove the bolt at the end of the damper and maybe get enough slack in
the t-belt to rotate the water pump to check the bearing.

I hope it is not that!!


Quoting Kneale Brownson <kneale at coslink.net>:

> I added ambient temperature (maybe 80 degrees F) coolant right away in the
> driveway with the engine running, only to have it pour out the loose hose.
> Then I shut the engine down.  It was after the engine had cooled enough for
> me to dig around in there to reattach the lower hose that I then added the
> coolant and let the engine warm up fully and heard the noise.
> At 01:17 PM 9/6/2006 -0600, dsaad at icehouse.net wrote:
> >I would be surprised if the pump went bad in that short period of time -
> but
> >then again I had a pump fail very soon after my t-belt job. I think it was
> just
> >a dud. It happens I guess but it did suck to have to replace it.
> >
> >When you added water, was the motor still hot?
> >Was the water cold?
> >
> >Dave
> >
> >Quoting Kneale Brownson <kneale at coslink.net>:
> >
> >> Lower hose slipped off the radiator nipple on V8#2 today.  Got a low
> >> coolant warning at the stoplight 1000 feet from my driveway, but the
> >> temperature gauge only went a little above the middle mark before I got
> >> parked.  Saw an empty reservoir, so I poured in most of a gallon of
> coolant
> >> before I realized it was coming out of the hose.
> >>
> >> After cooldown, I reattached the hose and snugged the clamp up really
> >> securely.  I think what happened is when I put the hose back on after
> >> finishing the timing belt marathon this spring is I tightened it down on
> >> the lip on the nipple rather than on the neck behind the lip.  Anyway,
> it's
> >> on  solidly now.
> >>
> >> However, after refilling, I started the car and kept adding until I had a
> >> steady stream through the return line to the reservoir, and then I let it
> >> run for a while with the cap on so it could pressurize the system.   When
> >> it was fully warmed and fully pressurized,  I hear a funny mechanical
> sound
> >> I've not heard before, and it seems to be coming from the water pump.  I
> >> put the long extension I'd used for tightening the clamp on the pump and
> >> against my head next to my ear, and it was pretty loud.  Don't think it's
> >> the A/C or steering pumps.
> >>
> >> Since the coolant serves as the lube for the water pump, I'm  guessing I
> >> toasted the pump.  Do I have to worry enough about it failing  to do the
> >> timing belt job over again?  We're probably not going to use this car for
> >> any long trips.  What happens if the water pump fails?  I know on the
> I5s,
> >> the pump can take out the belt.  The pump drive on the V8 uses the back
> of
> >> the belt, so it doesn't engage the teeth, but it does provide some
> tension.
> >>  Would the bearing leak before the shaft came loose and let the belt
> flop?
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