[V8] RPM/Ignition sensor issues!

jpb3 jpburns3 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 14:21:00 EDT 2006


I just replaced a failing RPM sensor b/c of a hot start problem figuring the
sensor to be the culprit. ( the job is a PITA!) What I did, following advice
from the instructions in a post I had saved, was put the new sensor in the
ignition sensor position and move the old ignition sensor to the RPM
position following the logic that I would rather have a hot start problem
than a dying engine in the middle of the highway.  I only bought 1 new
sensor as they are pretty pricey.  I had never had a dying engine problem so
assumed the ignition sensor was still good.

What happens now after I got everything back together is that I have BOTH a
hot start issue AND dying engine problem!  WTF!!!!!!!!!!

The engine just dies, does not run rough or stumble but just quits instantly
as soon as the motor warms up.  It will not restart until it is cold again.
So what this tells me is that both sensors are bad, right!  Even thebrand
new OEM sensor!

Am I correct that if I hooked the sensors up backwards ( at the connections)
 that it would not start nor run?  Could there be any other reason that the
motor will start when cold and then die as soon as it's warm but not restart
when it's hot?

I am pulling my hair out here, please help!


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