[V8] the verdict is in

George Tur getur at optonline.net
Mon Apr 2 20:30:06 EDT 2007

Dave, after going through the same process that you're planning on going 
through all I can say is "I'll pray for you" and pour some pentosin on the 
Audi gods altar.  :-)  Dibs on the intake cams if it doesn't work out. :-)

By the way, a friend of my wife just picked up a used Jeep Wagoneer, at least 
I think that's what it is, it's huge, and it's an early 2000 model. I was 
surprised at how well the interior was finished off, it's loaded with power 
everything and leather, and the V8 that's in it does pull. It's definitely 
not a car for the twisty roads but it's a very nice cruiser. It's also a huge 
gas guzzler. If the Jeep does come with the diesel I5 that would be nice 
family hauler.

As far as the "what the spouse thinks of the Audi" poll, mine doesn't get it 
and definitely wants me to get rid of it, but is resigned to it. She just 
shakes her head when she sees a bunch of us clustered around an old type 44 
or V8.


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