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Thanks for the sympathey from everyone.  I am not willing to part the car out.  Sorry but I simply don't have the time.  Also, the interior has the comfort seats.  
Justin C. Lewis
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Man that sucks butt.

When my car was at the body shop being painted, someone there tried to
start the car while in gear and it lurched forward into the paint booth
wall.  (we're still waiting to hear from the guy when he finds work).
Anyway, with the exception of the headlights, that little stunt took out
the same stuff as on yours.  The hood and rad support was the biggest
hassle to get replaced, as there ain't no fixing them (and shipping on a
non-local hood is bonkers).

So I hope whatever works out ends up being a good thing for you.  In the
meantime, as the vultures start to circle, your black interior wouldn't
include sport seats, would it?

Thanks, and best of luck,

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> Hi All,
> A few weeks ago did something I never thought I would.  While 
> searching around my car for something I rear ended a pickup 
> truck.  I was not going very fast but the pickup bumper 
> completely missed mine so it took out my hood, headlights, 
> radiator, etc.  I am sure some of you could use this car as 
> it has a lot of good parts on it.  Here is a list of what is 
> good on the car:
> - The UFO rotors only have a few thousand miles on them.  
> - I have a spare new thermostat and timing belt dampener 
> (both from Audi)
> - Rear parking brake cables have only a few thousand miles on them.  
> - The transmission shifter perfectly
> - The black interior is in great condition
> - All of the black body panels are very clean except for the 
> hood and front quarters
> - Battery is only a few months old
> - Everything else on the car was in good working order
> The car still runs but the radiator is broken and the upper 
> support was pushed into the accessory belt...so that makes 
> noise when it is started.  Photos available upon request.  I 
> would like to get $500 for the car.  It is located in Pompano 
> Beach Florida.  Let me know what other details I forgot to include.
> This list has been amazing and taught me a ton about cars.  I 
> am constantly amazed by the knowledge and selfless support 
> the people of this list provide.  I was so sad to see my car 
> die that way.  It really is an amazing car and there are 
> plenty of qualities I miss.  When all of my coworkers and I 
> were standing over the open hood of my wrecked car everyone 
> started to remark on how modern the technology was and how 
> nice the headers were and...  A neat thing since we all work 
> with new Porsches and Audis all day.   
> Best,
> Justin C. Lewis
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