[V8] DTM wheel size

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Mon Apr 9 16:48:11 EDT 2007

I have run 17x8.5 Borbet C's in 30mm offset with 255/40 on our two 91's  with 
stock suspensions with no issues in clearance, fitment or  interference.  The 
even clear UFO brakes with no issues.  As one  that's seen a lot of bent 18's 
over the years, I'd avoid them unless living in a  world without potholes.  
The biggest issue with 18's on a v8 would be  wheel/tire weight vs aspect 
Scott Justusson
91 v8
In a message dated 4/9/2007 2:31:12 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
David.Coleman at blackrock.com writes:
I saw some pics Ed K. sent me, and though  the 17"s on my car look a wee
little bit on the small side to me, the same  diameter on his car look
pretty damn good... So as I have been for the past  14 months, I'm
holding out for just the right size and style set of used but  not beaten
wheels, and am willing to go either 17 or 18, especially now that  the
latest report is the DTM had 18" stuffed under there.

I forget the  exact model # for HRE, but the BBS version that I think
looks pretty close is  "LM".  iForged and Fikse have similar patterns as
well.  Anyway,  the wheels on my car are always for sale, if  anyone's


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