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Well, I'd disagree with that statement (torsen boy alert!).  First,  the 
center torsen is only in the 5speed car.  Torsens also get really  confused when 
they leave the ground, and then hit it again, that's why torsens  were never 
really used in Group B rally cars (1 known exception was San Remo 85,  mostly 
pavement).  That said, the v8 has a locker center, but I doubt it's  locking 
under the conditions described.  It also wasn't clear if the 4kq  had locked 
diffs.  But after 15years of Steamboat, rallycross, and race car  tweeking, I go 
on record that the lockers have the advantage.  But here I  don't think it has 
anything to do with the diffs.
A triangulated swaybar will add spring rate and castor changes to  undulating 
dynamic conditions, much more so than a type 85 with the same  suspension 
geometry front and rear, all else being equal.
My .02
Scott (aka torsen boy) Justusson
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The V8  Excels here (under acceleration) due to the Torsen diff's (only
working  under load..shifting torque to the wheel with the most  grip).

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