[V8] 20V Avant rear shocks

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 11:33:34 EDT 2007

On the 200, it is not necessary to remove the dash top to remove the IC.

Some do remove the steering wheel which would certainly make the job
easier, but I have not ever done that.  The trim piece that runs along
the bottom of the IC (the part that is dash material and color, not
the wood) must be removed by taking out 2-3 screws that go in from the
bottom of it.  Then the screws that secure the bottom of the IC can be
removed.    After that, it's a bit tricky to get all the connectors
disconnected from the back... they have a piece of plastic in the
center that secures them that must be popped up to get the connector
off.  Once those are detached and the 2-3 bulbs are unscrewed from
their holes, you can maneuver the IC out to the passenger side.  Be
careful to put at least some masking tape over the wood trim as it
could get scratched in the manuevering.


On 4/23/07, Scott Phillips <Scottp at ippe.com> wrote:
> Roger..
> Rear Struts removal: 3 - bolts at the top (not spring compressor needed
> to remove the strut from the car) and a single bolt at the lower
> mounting point. To replace the strut (or mount), you will need the
> compress the spring to get the upper mount off the strut once off the
> car.
> Once you pull the dashpad off and get the IC out, the bulbs are a twist
> type base and will just pull out.
> HTH..
> Scott
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