[V8] Anybody Going to Carlisle?

Theodore.Haug at rrd.com Theodore.Haug at rrd.com
Wed Apr 25 08:18:56 EDT 2007

Ron the travelling fool wrote:
*Raises hand* :-)

 & sorry I won't be here to greet you in Virginia
Tony...I'll be in Indiana helping Wes out do a t-belt,
& Quaker Country helping Teddy do his rack.

 But we'll see you in Carlisle. I'll be the guy with
the Black V8 mit DTM/EVO rear spoiler, slammed on
2Benn coilovers, & BBs LM's..allso
 known as 8 8 5's ;-P


Teddy replies:  I could of swore I scared you off.  And they're not
Quakers, they're Amish.  So, you're game for this, I thought you came to
your senses once I sent you my address.  Well in that case, I will register
the V8 for Carlisle.

So, I will raise my hand as well...twice, bringing the Coupe GT and the V8
(unless Ron comes to his sense between now and then.)

Let me know as your travel plans start to firm up.


Teddy (I haven't been called that for years, but it's growin' on me)

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