[V8] thinking about selling - what's a good number?

Scott Phillips Scottp at ippe.com
Wed Apr 25 11:43:58 EDT 2007


I've got a good "cause" if you wanna donate it ;-).. cause I need to
grow my stable. LOL..

Seriously though; I'd sort out the parking brake (most states require it
for inspection, and it'll make selling her a tad easier). Post it on
Audifans Market Place. That way at least a fan will get her. The car is,
what it is and most of us here know what that is, but to the uninformed,
it's a 17 year old car that's going to have something that needs to be
fixed. I would take the time to list out what spares are going with the
car to help support the price you're asking for. 

If the car is clean and almost (no) leaks, everything
"works"..AC/Stereo/windows brakes... can you see where I'm going?? (The
new owner can just get in a drive away cleanly).. then you can run ;-)

I'd say in the High 2000's. Less if you live in the sticks, a bit more
if you're in the NE or NW. As that seem to be where the cars sold best,
there are people there that are willing to keep them going (and do)
longer. IMO.

Just my .02


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