[V8] How to use the transmission dipstick 20:)?=

Eyvind Spangen e_s at bluezone.no
Wed Apr 25 14:54:47 EDT 2007

The '92 V8 does have an oil dipstick. What exactly is the procedure for checking the transmission oil level?

I only know the procedure for "normal" cars (level, warm oil, engine running, oil between min. and max.), but the V8 is something for itself.. :)

Sometimes the level appears over max, other times the stick is dry, so I guess I'm doing something wrong.. 

What is the oil capacity when changing oil and filter? A generic Dexron III-oil is just fine, I presume?

I once had the V8 repair manual on a CD, but it's gone.. :( Is there a way to get another copy? 

Lots of questions, but I haven't been close to a V8 for a few years now, I hope you forgive me! ;)

E. Spangen

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