[V8] Transmission not in 4th gear, flaky gear indicator ++

Eyvind Spangen e_s at bluezone.no
Wed Apr 25 17:19:39 EDT 2007

Thanks a lot again! :)

The transmission problems are a part of the "deal".. ;)

I believe the problem is mostly in the electronics. I'm not sure if it's possible to pull the codes on the transmission with the blinking light on a '92, but if so, I suspect a TCU problem too, as the TCU won't respond either on fault code reading or output tests. Can anyone confirm that the light and jumper lead should be connected to the same connectors as when pulling the engine codes, as www.sjmautotechnik.com says? Or is a '92 too "new" to work without diagnostics equipment like Vag-Com or 1551? I find that strange, as both the engine and instrument cluster is readable by blinking codes..

I think the rattling is something loose on or around the transmission, as it goes away when the engine is not at idle and will vary somewhat. If it came from inside the transmission, I don't think it would work at all..

Again, thanks a lot for your help in narrowing down the problems! Other than the transmission problem and the need of a timing belt change, the car is one of the best V8s I've seen.. :)

E. Spangen

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