[V8] MPG - Final Chapter for now!

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 13:54:43 EDT 2007

In my experience, 14 around town is not necessarily off the mark,
especially if you "drive the snot out most of the time".  ;-)

The hwy mileage seems definitely low, unless of course you "drive the
snot out most of the time" even on the highway.  Is the torque
converter locking up on the highway?

Steady state 80 in my '90 was yielding 20-22 mpg on a trip along I40
from Albuquerque to Barstow, which is not overall that flat.

I also wonder if now that you have the compression good on that one
cylinder, does the OXS need to be changed yet again?

"Split the intake?"


On 4/26/07, Jason Wilkerson <wilke_jb at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Wow, great response as usual, thanks!  Take this note into consideration -
> If this would have been my only v8 I would not even question this problem
> - I just know that my first v8 (that was exactly the same car- trans,
> year, motor) would get 18.5 in 50/50 harsh mountain/Interstate driving -
> this one gets 14.5 in town and gets about 16 all interstate.  Maby that is
> ok - I just don't buy it.  Let me answer all of the questions if I can
> remember them all - they are in order:
> 1. Mass air has been changed to a known good unit. - no change in MPG
> 2. MPG 14.5 in town, 16 all Interstate
> 3. Automatic - just like my old one
> 4. Gutted Cats - just like my old one
> 5. Exhaust restriction - doesn't seem so - it seems to put out a lot at
> the pipe - but I could check back pressure I guess.
> 6. 3.6L - just like my old one
> 7. Drive the snot out most of the time (6.5K shifts, etc.)- just like my
> old one
> 8. Re-sealed intake and injectors, although I didn't split the intake -
> maby I need to.
> 9. Haven't replaced Coolant temp sensor - it specs out - But maby it is
> flaky - I will try it next time I get a chance.
> 10. No difference with or without O2 hooked up - except it throws an O2
> code.
>         Thanks again for all the response,
>                                 Jason

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