[V8] MPG - Final Chapter for now!

Radek radek at istar.ca
Thu Apr 26 22:26:31 EDT 2007

One more:
aren't your brakes dragging (especially the rears)?

91 V8Q 5-sp.

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   I Check the display whenever I try a new 'fix', but It is always about
+1 when I compare it with actual math - my other one was like that too,
but with higher numbers!  About the O2 - my other car always did well with
the 3 wire, but I am willing to try a 4 wire - do you think I could try a
self tapping screw in the x-pipe very close to the O2, then take the
ground to the engine block, or wherever you guys think I should put it. 
Plus, I think I am going to change the coolant sensor when I get a chance.
 This really bugs me, but I just am running out of stuff to try?  

           Thanks again,

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