[V8] background on the 94 that was on ebay?

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Sat Apr 28 16:13:13 EDT 2007

Also,lets not forget the seller paid only $5700 for that car.
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> ... as admin I carefully read through the posts on the flare up when it 
> was
> in process.  I have to say that from my POV any "name-calling" was one
> sided.  I was quite impressed at the way the rest of the group dealt with
> the situation.
> As to the specific car, I do think there is value in reviewing the 
> comments
> of others relating to the claims of the seller.  There are clear signs 
> that
> this is not the "cream puff" the seller believes it to be.
> Steve B
> San Jose, CA (USA)
>> poor experience with a loved vendor; a thread that deteriorated into 
>> 2-way
>> name-calling and general bad behavior on the part of several listers and
>> the
>> owner.
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