[V8] question about Type 44 electrical gremlins

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at adelphia.net
Sun Aug 5 21:05:58 EDT 2007

Well, I have finally found two little annoying electrical gremlins in The
Old Gray Mare.  

Gremlin #1 is a nothing issue really.  When first driving off in the
morning, the speedometer bounces for about for or five miles and then
settles down.  Nothing else is wrong...just this "cold blooded" speedo

Gremlin #2 is in the instrument cluster.  The direction signal arrows and
high beam indicator glow when I turn on the headlights.  It doesn't matter
if I have just the dimmers on, or the full headlights, the arrows and the
high beam marker glow.  When I switch up to high beams, the arrows glow
BRIGHT, and the high beam indicator goes out.  I really want to find this
Gremlin and exorcise him.  I suspect that I have mismatched directional
signal bulbs, but I am open to other suggestions.

Other than the digital clock missing a few pixels, the car is running 100%.

I don't think it likes regular gasoline though, as my mileage seems to be
off a bit from when I first got her and fed her premium....gotta try that


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