[V8] Rear Sway Bars

Sean cole v8coupe at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 10:43:22 EDT 2007

Here is what my take is on the lowered cars.

I myself think the V8q's are a little to tall when you install say a
255/45-17 tire, but I sure as hell am going to do it.  SO I'll be getting
some Vogtland springs to pair with a set of Koni adjustable shocks.  Now I
know I'll be lowering the car and by doing so adversely effecting the
suspension unless I redial in the chamber, caster, and toe to the correct
settings.  Sway bars work as springs adding basically more stiffness to the
springs.  By having softer springs and a huge sway bar you can achieve the
flat corners your looking to get from a track car, but not have the stiffer
then all hell suspension so you feel every crack in the road.

I'm aware it does take some time to get the set-up just perfect, but so does
the engine.  Your not going to get the best street tune (compromise between
all out HP and being civil enough for every day use) in the first go are
you?  I highly doubt it so don't expect to just bolt the rear sway bar on
and it'll be perfect some suspensions might rake kindly to it some might
need a little fine tuning to see all the benefits.  The factory did the rear
sway bar on the 92 S4 with, IIRC, had stiffer springs and slightly shorter
springs then any of the other cars.  This tells me that they wanted the cars
to handle better, but the accountants said NO THEY ARE FINE with out the

I for one can tell you that my coupe with the rear bar is harder to walk out
in the twisties then my brother who doesn't, but I can take the corner
harder and stay on it longer then he can everything else is equal on the
cars except that.  Both are bone stock other wise and mine can still just
cut in under him.  Also when we do a lot hard cornering in his car the tires
seem to wear a lot more then they did on mine, so some how the rear bar
effect that car positively.  rear end walking out in a Q-ship is fine, but
all that matters is who is faster.  I'd love to see how many different
setups are on this list I for one am not convinced the rear bar will be a
bad mod, but hey massive brakes weren't a mod they were a NEED in my book so
you can imagine I'm a little different then most.  As HJ Stuck once said
"The German's are in love with their cars, More so then any other country I
would imagine."

90 V8q "UrS8" Pearl Mit black URS8 interior.

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