[V8] Wheel Fit

rudedog714 at alaska.net rudedog714 at alaska.net
Fri Aug 10 14:17:04 EDT 2007

Sorry folks, I know the wheel business has been beaten to death here but I couldn't find what I needed in the archives. I've been dealing with a slightly bent rim for a while now and also need new tires. Some used A6 wheels with good tires ( 205/55-16 )have become available but all the guy really knew for sure was that the wheels were 16 inch 9 spokes.The part# he gave me was 4B0601025K but I can't find anything that corresponds with that number. I'm assuming that the rim is only a 7 inch width with a 45mm offset. Will I have any problems with this setup, other than people wondering why I'd put a narrower tire on. Thanks, William

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