[V8] New Wheels; yayyy, Brake Caliper;OOOOPS

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You have a bigger problem than just locating that seal.  That is NOT a seal
against pressure from brake fluid, so if you have brake fluid coming out of
that opening, you have an internal caliper seal damaged.  The O-rings
associated with the mounting onto which the piston is threaded.  See 
http://www.20v.org/brakere.htm  for typical Audi rear caliper assemblies
and a discussion of disassembly.  

The chamber into which the parking brake operating lever fits should have
nothing in it except high temp lube.  The brake fluid is supposed to stay
in the chamber for the piston.  That's why there's O-ring # 14 in the pix
referenced above.

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I picked up those 9 spoke A6 wheels. The guy had good tires on them , the
center caps, all the little hats for the lug nuts for a few bucks more than
my badly needed tire replacement. I actually like the way they look more
than I thought I was going to. Sounds good right. While I was in there I
replaced my long overdue brake hoses. Get down to the last one on the rear.
Top of the hose is off and the bottom hose snaps off in the caliper. get
the caliper all the way off the car and hammer a screw extractor into the
hose end. Exractor starts to bend. pull the piston, boot,and seal out and
heat it up with a propane torch. Drill the hose end out until there's about
a 32nd of an inch left. The larger screw extractor goes in and the rest of
the hose end comes out. I'm thinking I've got it good .The threads in the
caliper are perfect. Clean everything up and throw it back together. Yes,
you there in the back row ! What's that you ask? No, I wasn't giving that
seal around the parking 
 brake arm any thought while I was heating things up. And after a huge
forehead slap that would've made Homer Simpson proud yes, there is a leak
from the parking brake arm when you push on the brake pedal. So the big
question is; can that seal be replaced? All the rebuild kits I've found
just have the piston boot and seal. If it can't be replaced does anybody
out there have a drivers side rear caliper they'd like to sell? On the
positive side at least all the brake hoses are new at this point and the
wheels look good. Thanks, William

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