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the compressors can be "Re Sealed" but since a new one is not that expensive, it's typically always better to go that route.
The dryer/valve and orings can be had from just about any A/C shop.
Flushing typically only needs to be done when the compressor fails and gunk gets in the system, but there are many alcohol based products on the market to do that.

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> Ok, thanks guys - now where do I get the parts and do you have part 
> numbers? Especially the accumulator, and variable oriface tube? 
> Is there 
> a dryer? I think one of you mentioned a different oriface tube - 
> ok what 
> do I get then? Also, when you say 'flush' do you mean clean the 
> insidesof all of the old oil? If so, what do I replace it with? 
> Can you get a 
> rebuild kit for the compressor? I know these are alot of 
> questions, but I 
> don't know who else to ask. 
> Thanks, 
> Jason 
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