[V8] Bad Miss

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Sun Aug 26 09:38:21 EDT 2007

I guess it's true about the memory starting to go after 50 years.

Anyhow I started my 93 5spd to move it out of the way so I could get the motorhome fueled and watered.? Since I know the Audi does not like to run for short periods due to flooding, I figured I would let it idle.

I finished fueling and filling up the motorhome with water and took off for the Lake (Friday Night 5:00 PM )

Came home from the lake Saturday (5:00 PM) and realized the 93 was still running.? Yes that's right 24 hours of idling.

The temp was high but not overheating and seemed to be running ok.? It was just about out of gas so I filled it up and added BMG 44 gas treatment and then let it sit and cool back down.

Later that night I decided to test it out and found a bad miss and no power?(felt like it was running on 6 or 7 cylinders).? Also the computer average gas mileage is way off +-15 mpg when it is usually about +-20.

Where is the best place to start looking for the problem?? Could it be as simple as fouled or burnt plugs?

Thanks for any input

Bob Blake

90 V8 (broken ignition switch)
91 V8 ( broken blinkers)
92 V8 (only one still running)
93 V8 (hole in upper radiator hose)
93 V8 (93V6 orV7????)
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