[V8] squeak

Mike Arman Armanmik at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 29 10:25:43 EDT 2007

  tlastre01 at sprintpcs.com
Subject: [V8] squeak

I have a terribly annoying squeak coming from the rear. It seems to me 
that it's coming from the top of the driver's shock, any ideas or input?
Thank You Very Much.

Check the upper track rods in the rear suspension. Jounce the rear of 
the car up and down while it is parked - you'll hear it.

I had these bad on mine - it made such a racket that I wanted to drive 
around with a bag over my head so nobody would know it was MY car making 
these embarrassing sounds.

I carefully drilled the top of the knuckle and put in a grease fitting. 
After 500 strokes on the grease gun, the noise went away for about an 
hour. So much for a cheap, easy fix!

Finally bit the bullet and replaced both the track rods - cost was a 
little over $100 for the pair (ebay seller, genuine OEM parts), and 
after a bit of not terribly difficult work . . . SILENCE. Problem cured.

Took the old ones apart out of curiosity - the plastic sleeve inside 
(not replaceable) was totally worn out, and the bearing surface had worn 
into the top knuckle - both sides bad, so don't do just one. 127K miles 
on the car, BTW.

Still need to get the rear suspension re-aligned, got it close but not 
yet perfect.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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