[V8] Talk about embarrassing...

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Tue Dec 4 20:38:10 PST 2007

 More likely it's owner decided to sell it so it committed Audicide ;)




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On Dec 4, 2007, at 2:55 PM, Ingo Rautenberg wrote:

> Guy goes to an Audi R8 Release Party at the local Audi Dealer with
> his Ford GT and:
> http://www.wreckedexotics.com/newphotos/exotics/
> 4fordgt_20070915_002.shtml

Yikes.  *Another* engine fire?

I thought the excuse with the first one (at the 'Ring) was that it was  
a prototype "RS8", and the RS-trimmed-V8-with-turbos was "too hot"?

Maybe it was the Bose speakers.  Or...the fuel lines? :-)

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