[V8] in the cold

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 6 04:52:27 PST 2007

You are correct, you will loose power brakes if that goes out. Although, if
the bomb is good you will have a few left after the pump goes.

I can't imagine the fluid is too thick, I'd be more worried about the
addative. Then again, it may just be time for the pump to go-it is 18 years
old ;-)

Tony Hoffman

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> Of course the Audi starts to protest after the temperatures drop, when
> it's far too cold to work on the damn thing.
> I added in some "White Shepherd" to try and stop my pentosin/ATF leak at
> the pump.  That leak sprung up right two months or so again and leaves
> about a drop on the ground overnight.  The rack has always leaked but
> never anything on the ground.  It appears that the stuff is working, as no
> spots on the ground under the p/s pump when I came out from work today*.
> BUT, as of late, car is making odd noise.  Happens on cold start -- 
> meaning, first start of the day or after being parked for 6-8 hours.  It
> sounds like the noise a domestic car makes when it's low on p/s fluid,
> going a slow speed, and making a tight turn.  Like a cat moaning.
> "eeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" I cannot type it out, I'm sorry. :)  It's
> not high pitched enough to be a belt whine.  It goes away after 5-8
> minutes of driving, but it gets louder in pitch (to a point) and volume
> with rev's... it's pretty damn loud.  Most noises I can't hear outside the
> car with the hood shut, but I can hear this in the cabin.  Or, you know
> those little kid truck toys that you push forward and they continue on a
> few feet under their own power?  Sounds like that.  Go out and buy one of
> those toys! :)
> If it ever warms up I'll pull the serp belt off (dreading that already) to
> see if it goes away.  It was hard to isolate where it was coming from.
> * - sigh, came out from work today, no spot under p/s pump!  Yay!  I back
> up and turn to pull away..... big ol' spot below where the rack sits.
> siiiigghhhh... It was too flippin' cold to hop out and see what color the
> liquid was.  I parked it in a clean spot on the drive and will check in
> the morning.
> I've added in Mobil ATF due to the total lack of Pentosin or ANY Pentosin
> replacement fluid.  I haven't had to add any fluid in.. uh.. months.
> Could the cold ATF be creating high p/s pressure because it's thicker?
> This could be forcing its way past bad seals?  If so, why did the damn
> rack leak so much after I had parked a semi-warmed-up-engine?
> Since the noise goes away once the engine warms up a bit, I'm not too
> concerned.  I can live with noises.  I don't like spots on the ground,
> though, and I don't like noises that are loud enough for the car next to
> me to hear.
> Does the P/S pump act as the brake booster?  If I lose that pump, I lose
> power brakes, right?
> Throw out some ideas,
> thanks for reading,
> Scott S.

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