[V8] 92 V8Q Heater core replacement

Fatdog1012 at aol.com Fatdog1012 at aol.com
Mon Dec 10 15:18:40 PST 2007

Ok guys, got a problem here (yeah,yeah, I know, I always have a  
problem)...need to replace the heater core...have the plenum box loose so it  juggles 
about 1/4 inch in all directions (broke the adhesive seal, I guess) but  what am I 
missing to get it out; obviously something hidden holding it; 
2nd issue-once I have it out and replaced the book (more on that  later) 
calls for special tool to realign the flapper doors...any suggestions  (responses 
mentioning the 1920's will be soundly thrashed).
On the positive side the 91 is doing well and the trip to Bali resulted in  a 
really stunning young lady's acquaintance...go figure.
Thanks, Scott

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