[V8] 92 V8Q Heater core replacement

urq urq at pacbell.net
Mon Dec 10 18:17:25 PST 2007

... Tony Lum had the most elegant solution IMO ... drinking straws over the
pins on the flaps ... worked great for me.

Bentley calls for filling the gap around the fittings for the inlet and
outlet lines with some sort of very rubbery material ... which didn't seem
to be as stiff as cured RTV.  I just used a bead of RTV on the gaps ...
should do the trick.  

The thing that slowed my heater box's exit was the cover over the blend flap
motor ... ended up breaking off one of the attaching screws unwittingly.
The motor is on the driver's side of the box ... be careful to lift the box
out carefully.  I found the V8 to be a lot more difficult than a 5000 ...
wiring looms, refrigerant pipes and the flap motor all seem to conspire to
remove all room ...

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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Have you disconnected the plumbing in the cabin?  You take off the console
sides and pull the footwell ducting off the box.
  Folks have reported success with the flaps by just inserting them
carefully and keeping them aligned  while putting the sides together.  In
the link to Chris Miller's 200q20v page bit on the heater core box (very
much like the V8's), one guy glued strings to the flaps to keep them in
place during assembly:
http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/climate.html#Heater blower.

Fatdog1012 at aol.com wrote:
  Ok guys, got a problem here (yeah,yeah, I know, I always have a 
problem)...need to replace the heater core...have the plenum box loose so it
about 1/4 inch in all directions (broke the adhesive seal, I guess) but what
am I 
missing to get it out; obviously something hidden holding it; 

2nd issue-once I have it out and replaced the book (more on that later) 
calls for special tool to realign the flapper doors...any suggestions
mentioning the 1920's will be soundly thrashed).

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