[V8] Sorry for the rant....

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Mon Dec 17 14:35:16 PST 2007

Hey, I hope everyone can disregard my tirade last night about the  
wiring thing....I violated my own policy on Tequila and  
emailing.....Anyway, I was looking thru the wiring diagrams (thank  
you Mr. Cobram for posting those on your site)...and realized that  
the front lamp control module(or what my panel calls a "bulb  
monitor" (relay #7 in auxillary relay panel 1), appears to be a relay  
for the low beams....and it smells a little baked....As I have only  
rudimentary knowledge of electronics....was wondering if a fried  
relay could have caused the switch connector meltdown, or bad  
connector fried the relay...doesn't really matter as I obviously need  
both.  While at the dealer looking into a replacement connector(which  
I can't believe was available - $24), I looked down and there was a  
bag of small car keychains that caught my eye....http:// 
V8keychain.jpg....There are 11 of them and she pretty much gave them  
to me as she said I'm the only one in the county that would want one 
(they only have a record of 3 V8's in county).  First 10 people who  
email me their address, I'll send them out....Merry christmas...Tom

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