[V8] Sorry for the rant....

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Tue Dec 18 15:31:47 PST 2007

Hey Steve, thanks for clarifying the lamp check module thing....I  
have just enough knowledge of wiring diagrams to be  
dangerous....Wired a bunch of houses,wired my entire boat and even  
was capable of getting the stubborn christmas lights to all light up,  
but when the Bose amps needed the capacitors, I let a friend do  
it....I realized yesterday, that the day the lights quit working,  
that I'd stopped by a favorite steelhead spot on the way home to  
check it out as we just had some savage flooding, and did drive thru  
a few large puddles.  Nothing real deep or anything, but I certainly  
could have gotten something wet... As far as the bulbs go, the  
previous owner was ex-girlfriends dad who bought the car w/20k from  
the dealer in 93(car's a 90), and having the forsight to get the  
85month/100K easy care warranty which was utilized to it's full  
extent....I recently found the list I made when I first got the car  
summing up the 3/4" thick binder of receipts....there is no mention  
of headlight bulbs, and since he never drove at night, and only drove  
this on long roadtrips, I wouldn't be surprised that the bulbs in  
there when I got the car in in 93 with 52112K were original?  Pretty  
much guaranteed that he would have brought the car in if a bulb  
blew.  I replaced the lights 2 years ago in Bend OR during a blizzard  
with Sylvania 51W bulbs and for some reason I remembered them being  
55W(maybe that's what was in there)...anyway, when I just went out to  
check those bulbs...I noted the mileage....99986...The EasyCare  
warranty spirit is having a laugh....999 upside down is.......Tom

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