[V8] Cooper Tires or Bridgestone G009's?

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Fri Dec 28 15:03:42 PST 2007

I haven't had Cooper tires for years, but many years ago, I bought a set for
my retired Massachusetts State Police Cruiser, and they were wonderful.  For
an Audi?  I dunno.  

But I DO know about the Bridgestone G009's.  I rate them "Barely OK".  I had
a set on the now departed Black Mariah, and on my wife's 100CS, aka The
Green Horney.  

I won't buy another set.  

I felt that their wear rate was a higher than I cared for, and the handling
was mediocre.  For the price, it was OK, but not great.  There are too many
other tires out there to try to go back to the 009's again.

Currently, I have a set of Fuzion somethingorothers on my wife's car.  They
are brand new, so it is far too early to make any comment at all.  Fuzion is
the Bridgestone "discount" brand, and it worked out to about twenty bucks a
corner cheaper than the high priced Bridgestones, so I figured that I'd try
them out and see.  Initial impression is that they will need more air
pressure or else they seem to want to sqirm a bit, and they seem a bit
noisier than I have experienced in other Bridgstones.  Still and all, for
the money, they may work out OK.  

I have said this before and I'll say it again.  The VERY best all around
tire that I have ever had on any of my Audis, was the Firestone Touring
Radial LH.  Had 'em on my first 200 20-valve and on one of the V8's.  The
Bridgestone equivalent was about twenty five bucks a corner more, but the
Firestones were terrific.  Of course they no longer make the Touring LH by
name anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter....


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