[V8] Random thought

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Mon Feb 12 13:48:34 EST 2007

... funny, I saw that "Blue Thunder" was on "Dish" over the weekend ... I almost watched it but didn't really have time ... reading this reminds me of the parking garage sequence in that movie ... 

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
> Well since you ask, it's like this:
> I live about a mile from work, so I take the extended version of the commute
> when I drive the V8 so he can properly clear his throat and keep his motor
> clean, so to speak (yes mine's male).  So I've picked out a still-too-short
> but sweet route that includes a parking garage, a twisty 2-lane blacktop
> bisecting a big field, a couple flat-out-in-3rd corners, a mile of I-95, and a
> nutso 2nd gear uphill lefthander with wide run-off.  I even have timing
> checkpoints throughout for two average speeds (35 and 50 -- I won't bore you
> with the details). Sometimes it's a total bust, as I want to maintain the
> relative anonymity the V8 provides. But sometimes it's just perfect, and my
> drive home last night was one of those times.
> Though yesterday's run included a bunch of donuts in the only remaining
> evidence of snow around the Delaware valley here (sorry upstate NY) -- which
> happened to be on the top level of my office's paerking garage.  It's just a
> coating, but with 255-17 Maypops for tires it was a hoot.  I gotta spring for
> new rubber but am still waiting for the deal of a century on 9" HRE jobs.
> Since I'll take 17" or 18", s'long as the offset is in the low 30s, I'm
> holding off on tires..
> ANYway, it was just an extra-fun drive -- no traffic, no beeps from the V1,
> two solid four wheel drifts, and a jaunt to 140 followed by an 80-to-zero
> exercise of the 996 calipers just reaffirmed how cool these cars can be.
> Wrapped up with the sweet aroma of burning clutch and brakes on the slow cool-
> down drive through my neighborhood...

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