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Scott Simmons indischrot at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 15:53:17 EST 2007

When diagnosing troubles with my Porsche, having a port at the end of 
the rail was invaluable.  Yes, it's nice to have on CIS cars to note 
system and control pressures, but it's also good diagnostic check.  
Probably not worth the effort of drilling and tapping and adding and the 
risk of leaking or blow-out, but still,  it's a thought if I had a spare 


Buchholz, Steven wrote:

>I don't think that this is as important a variable on an EFI-equipped car ... frankly, I've never considered adding it.  There is some value in that it could tell you whether or not the pressure regulator on the fuel rail was in need of replacement.  I just replace the FP Reg if I still get rich mixture codes after replacing the OXS ... 
>On the CIS engines fuel pressures were deliberately controlled to affect mixtures ... on the V8 the intention is to keep the pressure differential across the injectors constant so the ECU can set mixture with duty cycle.  
>Steve B
>San José, CA (USA)
>>Has anyone installed a valve on the fuel rail to measure fuel pressure?
>>I thought I read about it somewhere.  The AF TWiki has one for S4/S6
>>cars.  It was an incredibly valuable tool on my previous cars and I'd
>>like to have one to check numbers.
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