[V8] MPG - contiuing saga

Paul Jager pjager at telus.net
Mon Feb 26 14:28:44 EST 2007

What happened with the thermostat and engine temperature? Correct engine
temp (hotter the better) is crucial.

At present my fuel mileage is equal to, if not worse than our huge land
rover LR3 with a 4.4 V8. I was averaging 14L/100km Took a highway trip and I
got 10L/100.

I know my thermostat has gotten lazy and is not fully closed, making the
warm up cycle very long. Fuel mileage with a cold engine is brutal.

Finally got a new t-stat to go in this week.

Paul Jager

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   I think I left this at the point where I belived that the valve timing
was off - and that may be the cause of my low compression in one cylinder.
 I was out there tonight and found the following.  I made a homade leak
down tester - checked the dead cylinder against another cylinder and found
that it was no different.  Did another compression test on the 'dead'
cylinder and two others - all three were at 90 psi - what the heck? -
These used to be at 120psi - athough I did this test cold I thought it
would at least show close?  Anyway, I guess I'm going to put this thing
back together and see what happens.  I re-adjusted the valve timing and I
changed the passenger side header gaskets/o-rings. (I think I had one
leaking - which could have caused the 02 code)  I will report back again
when I get it together.  Thanks for listening one more time.


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