[V8] 2 things

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Tue Feb 27 20:42:53 EST 2007

... can't speak to #2 ... there is a blower fan for the cabin temp sensor in the middle of the dash ... but it will not be tied to the engine speed (turn the HVAC off to test this theory) ... you are probably correct in thinking it is some sort of vacuum leak you're hearing.  ISTR hearing that if the steering column seal at the firewall is not adjusted correctly you can hear sounds from the engine compartment coupled into the cabin ... well, it appears that I *could* speak to #2 ... 

#1 - don't even think about messing with the oil pressure sender ... whatever is creating the situation is in the instrument cluster.  One of my cars would do that too ... I'd say don't worry about it.  If all power is removed from the IC when the ignition is off (which can't be because the clock would stop) the culprit would have to be something in the gauge [meter] itself.  Since we know there's some power applied to the IC at all times it probably means that some part of the circuitry that drives the gauge is still getting power and that is driving the gauge to the right pin.  Assuming it is #2 I suppose it might mean that your battery load is more than it should be ... so if you tend to leave the car sitting for long periods you may want to investigate further (or pick up a VW solar battery charger off eBay ... as I did).

#2 - any chance someone snuck in at night and installed a couple turbos under the hood? ;-)

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
> Two odd things have occurred, curious as to their nature:
> 1) On occasion, after turning the ignition off, the oil pressure needle
> will hesitate, before moving over to the 5 and pegging there.  Turning
> on the ignition will bring it back to zero, where it shall stay after
> turning off again.  It does this randomly.  Next time the car's in the
> air I'll clean the pressure sensor terminals to ensure a good
> connection.  Gauge works perfectly during operation, I just think it
> might get confused when I turn off the car?  I don't want a pegged
> needle to draw current and drain the battery -- I know it's a resistance
> system, but what side-effects are there?
> 2) On occasion, when the radio's off, I can hear a turbo spooling under
> my hood.  A whistle sounds is faintly heard as the engine passes 2500.
> It sounds like it's coming from the center or passenger dash or,
> possibly, the engine compartment.  It follow rpm and not vehicle speed.
> Vacuum leak somewhere?  It's a very, very faint whistle and I only
> noticed it recently as I turned off the radio one night and haven't put
> it to any scientific testing (trying to get it to repeat on cold engine,
> hot engine, engine loads, etc).
> Not very big problems, just didn't know if anyone else has run into this
> before.

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