[V8] Another "freak"?

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Tue Jan 2 14:54:03 EST 2007

That is interesting!

I would say that this is in fact some sort of defect in the cap - but for two to
go in the same spot is just weird. I guess I should look at the driver side cap
and see if the same post is showing any signs of arcing. If it is then there
must be some sort of manufacturing defect in the mold for these caps.

Mine had an Italian brand name on them btw. Can't remember exactly what, but
they were physically the same as the OEM, but the electrode material was
different and they did not come with the ground shield - but my old ones fit so
I re-used them.


Oh - and

Quoting Jason Wilkerson <wilke_jb at yahoo.com>:

> I replaced both caps once - got them from an auto parts store but they
> were bosch.  Put them on and one lasted about 30k and the other 40k - they
> did the same thing you are describing.  Put the originals back on and all
> is well - literally had 150k (car had 185k) on them when I wrecked the car
> - ran like a dream with good gas milage to boot!
>                    Jason
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