[V8] no start

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 13:27:18 EST 2007

Got the car up and removed the belly pan last night.  No apparent
interference by snow/ice.  The connections and wires look solid and
basically clean.

I could see a slight twitch of the starter/solenoid when my helper
tried to start it so something's trying to happen there, just not sure

I checked voltage at the starter trigger wire, 8+ volts.  Then at the
post on the solenoid that supplies the starter with voltage.  That was
flakey... with the key held in the start position, the voltage would
initially show 8+ volts then fluctuate, then drop to nothing.  Not
sure if that's normal or if it matters.

Anyway, I plan to pull the starter tonight.  Bentley says to come from
behind for the top bolt with an extension and a flex.  Nobody who's
done the starter has lamented at how difficult it is, so I'll assume
the flex/extension step is not overly difficult/frustrating.


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