[V8] Oil Leak from Heads

Paul Jager pjager at telus.net
Fri Jan 5 21:07:25 EST 2007

Head gaskets, power steering pump, alternator, front suspension/control
arms, plus other work was dealer serviced under warranty. Total bills on the
V8 was something over $20K for 100K km's. $20,000.

I've done 85K with the car and I've put tires and did the brakes once, new
wires & plugs, coolant, and oil changes. Did the timing belt, reference
sensors, fuel filter and O2 sensor too.

I think they gave the owner a good deal on a new A8 to make up for the
problems on the V8. I was told "get it out of here and no come backs". I
said "You have my promise I won't come back with it!"

Paul Jager

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 Did the mechanic use the rite head gaskets? The 3.6 &
4.2 head gaskets are diffrent!

Ron Mit 5spd smile :-)

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No I mean the HEAD gaskets.

Combustion chamber, cooling system sealing is fine.
Engines will run
great -
just piss out oil when cold.

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i assume u mean valve cover gaskets.

not head gaskets.


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> I think a large number of oil leaking V8's are
actually from the
> Initially most people would say the distributor
seals etc etc. but I
> that is not the culprit. When I got this v8 '93 4.2
with 100K Km's on
> used car sales said the same thing - distributor
seals. But the
> record showed new head gaskets at 50K and when I
drove it they were
> leaking. The leak got worse to now at 180K it was
quite bad, at full
> oil press 3-5 bar.
> So we torqued the driver's side head and the leak is
way way down.
Now I
> have to do the other side.
> We opened up a 928S4 engine yesterday and the oil
feed to the heads
are at
> the corners of the block, near the edges - something
like a 1/4"
> through there. For the V8 this would be rear drivers
side and front
> passenger. Again I don't think there is quite enough
surface for a
> bullet proof seal in the V8 block. If I were to pull
the heads I
would use
> some sort of compound around that area for extra
> Paul

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