[V8] Balky T.Q. Again, Sorry

Bill Hitzler bhitzler at kpbsd.k12.ak.us
Wed Jan 10 13:24:46 EST 2007

I'm sorry for beating up on this dead horse again but I think I may be
closer to figuring it out. The roads were lousy enough that I never got
going fast enough for the T.Q to lock up. The entire 15 mile trip was at
about 45 MPH. At the first traffic light where the balky torque
converter usually begins I notice that my mileage drops down by about 5
MPH again the same as it would do when my T.Q. would take a few seconds
to disengage. An error code comes up for mass air flow sensor bit
mapping. So the question is; could my problem be in my ECU ?  Could the
ECU be causing the over rich fuel mix and the balky T.Q. Thanks again
for all the help and sorry to bore everybody with the same subject.

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