[V8] Ronz excellent adventure - Keith GTG

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Another.....that sounds cool to me :-)

I'm going to get a "my impressions of driving a 5spd
now from an Auto" thread.
But sufice it to say...it's a freaking BLAST!!!
& of course I got some good storys to tell all ready
& some info on what I plan on doing to the

 Ron Mit 5spd smile...still :-)

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Anther one?

Haha, I see the sent date form the 29th

Andrew W. Schlueter
'90 V8 MQuattro

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So Ron should be speaking with Keith this a.m.
regarding what time  
people should be at Keith' s tomorrow.  I'll be likely
leaving for  
Tim Hollister's place in Charlotte, MI -- pronounced
CHAR-LOTT here  
so as not to be confused with that NC City ;-) at
around 5 am.

I'm sure Ron will update everyone with the time
schedule.  Looking  
forward to seeing everybody!


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