[V8] #2 Homecoming ...

urq urq at pacbell.net
Fri Jan 12 10:09:09 EST 2007

... drove old #2 home last night ... it is nice to have a good, tight car 

It did take a bit longer than I was expecting, but that was due in large 
part to the sort of thing many people are very familiar with when working on 
older cars ... unexpected additional needs ... the guy doing the alignment 
indicated that one of the wheel bearings was bad, and the carrier bushing on 
the propshaft gave up the ghost.  Boy, its a good thing I picked up that NOS 
prop shaft all those years ago!  The only outstanding issue is that I'm 
going to need to do the heater core soon ... I wanted to get that done too 
but the part hasn't arrived, and he was quoting labor of 8 hours to R&R ... 
something like $600 just for that job when everything else (including the 
parts I did not provide) was $2200.

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

> The car's getting a pretty good once over as well ... suspension 
> (bushings,
> Bilsteins, 4 wheel alignment), new front UFO rotors (he can get them for
> $120 a piece so I told him to go ahead) ... probably get the heater core 
> and
> blower motor replaced as well.

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