[V8] Causes of bad MPG - Part III - the saga continues

Andrew Schlueter andyschlueter at 4techwork.com
Mon Jan 15 10:37:26 EST 2007

When I got my v8, the o2 was unplugged. I drove the car for about 2
months before I was under it and found it was unplugged. No difference
in mileage when mine was plugged back in. I just replaced it a few days
ago, I gained about 2-3mpg so I am up to 15mpg. Next is to somehow get
that engine fan off. Bad clutch. Has anyone put a 2nd electric fan in
place of the belt driven one?

Andrew W. Schlueter
'90 V8 MQuattro
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Ok guys - the saga contiues.  I haven't switched out the x-pipe yet but
here is what I have found.  As you know the car set a code for the o2
sensor.  I re-set the codes and It has not come back with a code as of
- but here is the kicker (this is new)- Expecially when cold the car
start fine, then if you let it idle it will, within 20 seconds, start to
sputter until it dies.  If you try to drive it you must play with the
throttle to get it to go.  Once you get it a little warm the problem
away.  The car runs great and isn't missing or anything.  It almost acts
like it is starved for fuel.  It doesn't do this every single time, but
when it does it will re-start everytime.  I'm thinking maby this happens
because the o2 circuit is in closed loop on startup then goes to the
sensor after some time?  Let me throw this in there - I unhooked the o2
sensor wire this morning - started the car with absolutly no problem -
will see what it does this afternoon.  Any ideas?  I'm still going to
change the x-pipe and the o2 just to see what happens - just thought I
would see what you guys think.


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