’91 V8 Auto transmission problems.

Joe Griffith jsgriffith3rd at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 17 10:30:25 EST 2007

As much as I love it, I think it may be time to give up on my ’91 V8.
  Over the weekend I heard what I thought it was an exhaust shield rattling. So I didn’t give it much thought.  
  It’s been taking a long time to start lately, so I intended to swap out some ATF soon as that normally helps.
  Monday on the way to work the transmission began to slip while traveling along at freeway speeds; it finally got so bad that the car wouldn’t move and I pulled to the side of the road put it in park and shut it down.  After about 2 minuets I started it up and it went into gear normally, and was able to continue along for a bit but again it started to slip.
  I called a rollback and had it taken home.  I’ve been able to move it around my driveway a bit, but as soon as I go from D to R it just revs and won’t move until I shut it down and try again. It doesn’t seam to be in Limp mode as far as I can tell, I checked the codes and there wasn’t any, and fluid is at the correct level.
  Anybody have a similar experience and cares to shed some light on the problem?
  Im assuming that I will need to remove and install another transmission to fix it. I’ve looked through the Bentley description of the R&R and it doesn’t seam to bad. I have a fair bit of mechanical experience and feel that I may be able to accomplish it.  
  Anybody swap an auto trans and cares to comment on the difficulties? 

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