[V8] 1990 V8 Woes

Campozano, Robert (CORP IT) RCAMPOZANO at mgmmirage.net
Thu Jan 18 11:28:14 EST 2007

So I am about to order the timing belt parts I need for the V8.  I have
been on the fence wondering if I should repair or not but the truth is
the car has been good to me and this is the least expensive option right
now.  So here is what needs to be done:

Timing belt and all related parts while in there.
Half axles (severe clicking)
Tie rods (anyone have an idea of what I should pay for these?)
02 sensor

Is there anything else I should pay attention to while I'm doing the
timing belt?  All advise welcome.

I will wait until April to re-charge the A/C system.  One of my hoses
developed a leak (rubber and metal hose that goes to the condenser, if
anyone knows the name to this hose it would be appreciated to) and all
the A/C compressor oil has leaked out of it as well as the freon...I'm
batting a thousand lately, oh well.

Also, my car has been leaking from the cooling system pretty badly but
only when the car has cooled down and has been sitting for a few hours.
Is that consistent with a water pump leak?

Thanks in advance to all that take the time to respond and help in
answering these questions.

Zay Campozano | Computer Engineer | MGM MIRAGE(tm)
rcampozano at MGMMirage.net

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