[V8] 1990 V8 Woes

Scott Phillips Scottp at ippe.com
Thu Jan 18 12:15:52 EST 2007


The O2 Sensor I replaced with a 4 wire universal fit, was 85.00. Right
now there are 2 outer tie rod ends on Ebay for $20.00. I would not
repair the half shafts, and opt for just replacing them.. Try Bruce at
GAC or Chris at Force 5.

The timing belt, while you're in there, you should also replace the
water pump and T-Stat.  Also while your "in there", check the oil pump
drive bearing and the fan clutch. There has been some issues that after
a TB R&R, these things were generating noise. 

Here is the AC Condenser page from the ETKA
http://www.scottnheather.com/audi/acparts.jpg  I hope that helps you
identify your hose..

About the coolant leak, where from? (front, back, right left).. do you
see the tell tale signs of coolant that has dripped on the engine? 

Is the TB something that you're doing yourself? If so you'll need the
cam locking tools (pull dist, insert tool to keep the cams from moving
during the process)


Scott  '90 V8Q x2

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